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House London Trip has negotiated preferential rates with those schools. Each school is accredited by the British Council and English UK.

Each one of our partner schools offers English classes, ranging from beginner to professional level and trains you to official exams such as IELTS, Cambridge, TOEIC, TOEFL,...

Take english courses suited to your level 



• Advantage •



Quality instruction and modern edifice among Georgians 18th century buildings. 


Customized courses taking into account the individual needs of all students to ensure quick progress.


Help with writing resumes and search jobs in the restauration area.


Various English lessons : group or individual english lessons.


Lessons accessible from 16 years old.

Specific lessons for professional, for adults over 23 years old.


Varied cultural program.

Thematic development workshops (grammar, vocabulary, speaking, ...).


Fun and interactive English lessons with a intercultural vision.

British Study Centres is an award winning group of English schools implanted in adult teaching centres.


Lessons and services for professionals ("cooking" English, Business English, internships and assistance in job research).

This form is mandatory to enroll in one of our partner school and to benefit from the House London Trip advantage. Your information will only be transmitted to the chosen school. House London Trip agrees not to disclose your personal information to third parties.

Do you want to obtain an English degree ?

Carry on your higher education in London

Attached to the University of Cardiff, lessons are taught in a school based in London by professors from the University. This school is a member of Education UK network and is accredited by the British Council.

The London School of Commerce offers a wide range of 3rd cycle degrees in the following areas :


• Business

• Management

• Information Technology


All those study areas lead to qualifications internationally recognized.

Flexible tuition.



In which areas ?

Study at the London School of Commerce

Which degrees ?


The London School of Commerce offers an unbeatable cost-benefits on the :

• MBA 

• internationally recognized Masters