Your accommodation in London

in less than 3 days

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This service includes : 

 3 nights in a hostel 

Our partner Generator Hostel London  is a temporary quality housing.


Nights at the hostel are in a dormitory for 6 to 12 people (private rooms require additional input) and breakfasts are included.


 A personalized monitoring of your case

We organize during 3 days a maximum of accommodation viewings in accordance to your criteria :  


• Location

• Budget 

• Length of stay


 Assistance by our team

When you arrive in London, a member of our team will pick you up at King's cross station and take you to the hostel.

If required, we can provide FOR FREE :


 Creation of your Oyster Card 

London transport card


• A SIM Card (£5 credit)

Operator Giffgaff 


Book an appointment for the NIN

(National Insurance Number) required to be able to work after your appointment at the Job Center


 Bank account

Assistance to open a bank account 


 Register to your local NHS

Medical service and General practitionner  


 CV translation (+£10)

We translate your CV to optimize your chance of getting a job faster

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Through our website on our payment platform

At the first viewing

+£80 for a two-people room

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