Your accommodation in London

in less than 3 days

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Leave with peace of mind


This service includes

• 3 nights in a youth hostel

The Generator Hostel London is a quality temporary accommodation.

You will be sharing the room with 5 to 11 people (private rooms require additional fees)

• The personalised research of your home

We seek and organise for you unlimited viewings of housing corresponding to your criteria:

  1. Geographical area

  2. Budget

  3. Length of stay

A member of our team is in charge of your file to guarantee a result within 3 days.

• Support of our team

Upon your arrival in London, a member of our team will welcome you at the King's Cross subway station and will take you directly to the hostel for your check in.

Free additionnal services:


• Creating of your Oyster card

Public transportation card


A sim card (with 5£ on it)

Giffgaff Operator

•  Making appointement for the NIN

The National Insurance Number is essential to work in the UK.

Bank account

Help you to open a Bank Account

NHS service registration

Medical services and doctors



CV translation (+£10)

We translate your CV and let you choose over 3 framerworks

Beding pack

(+£60 single bed, £65 double bed, £75 king size bed)

 - Quilt

- Pillow (1 for a single bed)

- Sheetes (fitted sheet, duvet cover,pillow cases)

- Bath towel

Subscribe to the service


 £ 240

On our website, with our payment platform



During the first visit



+£100 for a room for 2 peoples

+200 per extra room