Your accommodation in London

in less than 3 days

• Job + Accomodation •

Why do things half?


This service include :

  • All our accommodation packages (Privilege, All Inclusive (On site or Video Viewing).

  • Our Job formula:

    - 2 hours of English classes
    - We translate your CV and let you choose the templates you want
    - Individual support to get you a job within 2 weeks
    - A personalized follow-up for 3 months.

For more details you can look at our Packs in our section service.




Free additionnals services:

Oyster card creation

London public transport pass

A sim card (with 5 pounds on it)

Giffgaff operator


•  Booking an appointement for the NIN

The National Insurance Number is essential to work in the UK.


Bank account

Help you to open a Bank Account

NHS service registration

Medical services and doctors





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Price details :


  • £350 accomodation service

       + £70 job service

       = £420

  • + £80 for the privilege service

       = £500

  • + £120 for a duo pack (If you are both sharing the same room)

        = £540

All of these offers apply for all types of request: single room (s), double (s), studio, apartment.

Finding a job in London is easy when you are well prepared.

With our support and our personalized follow-up you will have no problem to find a job.

Take advantage of these 2 hours of English to get back to your best English level and prepare your interviews.