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Your accommodation in London

in less than 3 days

Do you plan to move to London?
We help you find the accommodation that suits you and lead you through the administrative steps.

Our services

Only 100£ of deposit to book our services

Welcome to your arrival and accompaniment station

until the temporary accommodation we have reserved for you:

3 nights at the Generator Hostel

Then, we organize and accompany you to see

a panel of housing corresponding to your criteria

A service adapted for the people as well on the spot (living in London or having reserved a temporary accommodation) as distance


We organize for you a panel of visits of housing corresponding to your criteria. We accompany you if you are there or we call you on video if you are not

A service that accompanies you in your job search in London, a complete preparation in order to better address the world of English work

We offer you an apprenticeship so that it can serve you in all your future job searches in London

A service guaranteeing you to find a home regardless of the chosen housing package while accompanying you in the search for a job

This more complete option gives you all the cards you need for your London adventure!



Our services include ...

We offer a personalized service, adapted to each adventurer who wishes to come to live the London experience.

We will put all our expertise to work so that you can insert quickly and efficiently and we are committed to processing every request as soon as possible.

In addition to finding accommodation, services
"Privilege", "Key in Hand and Remote Visit", "Job", and "Job + Housing" include *:

     Creation of the Oyster Card transport card
     English SIM card (non-binding package)
     Appointment in Job Center for a National Insurance Number (NIN)
     Help for opening a bank account

 *  These services are offered and can under no circumstances give you a discount if you do not want to take advantage of it.

"Little more" by House London Trip

Download our TO-DO-LIST to remember things

Are you moving to London and planning your departure?

To be sure of not forgetting anything and leave with peace of mind, discover our TO-DO-LIST.

This little reminder reminds you of the essentials to take away for your future installation in the capital.

⬅︎ You can download our TO-DO list