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 House London Trip
We provide a tailored, quick and efficient service, which aims to be a reflection of our values: Reliability and Responsiveness.

You are going to discover the wonderful city of London.

However, finding an accommodation in London can be more complicated than it seems to be.

House London Trip is here to help you. We provide a customised service to each newcomer.

Our team insure you to find your new accommodation within 3 full days of viewings





The HLT Team

• Chakir •


"I introduce myself I am the captain. My track record: 7 years of life in London working as estate hunter. I decided 4 years ago to become the pilot of my own plane: House London Trip. Very serious during the flight, I will make you landed safely. Hoping to make you have a pleasant trip by our side! "


• Antoine •

Business developer


• Emily •

Managing director


• Jérémie •

Business developer


• Adeline •

Business developer

"I introduce myself i'm Emily the co-pilot.
Starting my London experience 10 years ago.

Also have ten years experience in management.

My mission is to help the pilot, to keep the plane in the right direction.
Pamper the flight attendants and Stewarts of the company so that they can make your experience as special as possible. "




London, one of the world’s most visited cities, has been influenced by people from all over the world. Its history, its culture, its lifestyle and its architecture are the heritage.  

Among the monuments you need to see, there are, the Big Ben, Buckingham Palace or the Shard.

Welcome in London

Furthermore it would be a shame to leave London without eating a famous fish & chips or drinking a beer in a pub ! 


Keep calm and enjoy your time in London !



“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; because London have all that life can afford.”

― Samuel Johnson, The Life of Samuel Johnson LL.D. Vol 3

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